Multiple Wordpress using LXD

I've been following

It seems that nothing is getting though the proxy to the other containers. I've followed everything on both guides to a T, 2 separate times and I'm still coming to this problem. Can someone please help?


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Based on what I can see, is ready to go. I get an ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error trying to load though. That's likely because there's no A record for the domain:

dig +short
[no return]

I noticed the LXD container guides have instructions for deploying Wordpress using Apache and Nginx. If is running in an Apache container, I would try to run in an Apache container as well.

I got tired of trying to get it to run correctly, so for the time being, I'm running on 2 seperate servers. So at the moment, I'm only running my drone website. But for some reason, when I noticed when trying to run certbot, it shows up at as:

I've had this problem before and was able to figure it out before. But I'm at a loss trying to remember how I fixed it.

As you mentioned before about running kinky-thots. on apache container as well. I would love to run both on apache while having nginx run the proxy. But again, I always run into the problem of only getting to connection to the proxy when trying to connect to the site via my web browser.


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