What would be the pricing if I uploaded my own custom image to Linode

To put it short, does it cost to upload a custom image that I made locally or is that free?

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Uploading the image doesn't cost anything, it's the image itself that will cost you something. Linode's page on images states the price is $0.10 a month per GB. So, if you uploaded an image that was 5GB in size, you would be charged $0.50 a month. The provided link should give you more information on their limits and maximum image size.


Running a Linode with a custom image doesn't cost anything. Storing your custom image for future use or archival purposes is what costs $0.50/mo.

I run FreeBSD…a custom image if there ever was one…and I pay the same that I've always paid when I ran a Linode-provided Linux image.

-- sw


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