Does Linode offer CDN services now that it's being integrated with Akamai?

There was a question and answer four years or so back that asked if Linode offers a CDN, and the response was basically, "No, but here are some [third-party] options."

Now that Linode is being integrated with Akamai, are CDN services enabled?

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Hello there! I believe I've located the older Community Site post you mentioned about Linode's CDN capabilities:

In line with what I discussed in this post, we've been diligently working on integrating the strengths of both Linode and Akamai to create the world’s most distributed computing platform, from cloud to edge. Our primary focus has centered around expanding our regions and enhancing our core compute offerings. Exciting developments like VPC and serverless compute are right on the horizon, not to mention our more invisible, yet extremely important, enhancements to Object Storage. Behind the scenes, it involves a touch of Akamai magic to ensure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

While we don't have any immediate updates about a widely accessible CDN offering, if enough of our customers express interest in such a service, we're more than willing to explore the possibility.

For existing Akamai customers looking to broaden their portfolio with compute offerings, we recommend reaching out to your customer contact. They can provide you with information on how to seamlessly integrate Akamai delivery and security with Linode compute.

I have also been anticipating this capability for several years now. It was my impression that many Linode users viewed the prospect of integrated CDN service as the silver lining to the Akamai acquisition, since Linode's added services were already well received. If there isn't enough anticipation to justify it, I'm quite surprised — it probably just isn't being overtly expressed. Prior to the acquisition, Linode had signaled on a few occasions that CDN service, while logistically challenging, was at least tentatively on their roadmap. For example, all the way back in 2018, a CDN offering was mentioned in this announcement of a partnership with Limelight.

Not all of us are small business owners or otherwise running web apps / services. For customers who want to publish sites and media on the web, a quality delivery platform is typically more important than compute capabilities, and anyway those services were already a great value when Linode was independent. Akamai is the big name in content delivery so it's puzzling to see such a limited offering. I hope a more comprehensive solution for these Linode customers, including myself, is in the pipeline and has not been disregarded for "lack of interest".

You make a really strong argument here for why an integrated CDN service should be made available. I've passed along this feedback in our internal tracking system.

I know that sounds vague, but we truly value customer feedback and this system ensures that the product development team gets to see what customers want. While there are any number of things that can affect if and when they roll out any particular request, I have made sure the right people know this is something customers want.

Anytime you want to share feedback, we're here to listen. We have a dedicated feedback form here or you can open a Support Ticket and let our Support Team know what's on your mind.

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback and hope it's something we can help with in the future.


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