Is there a way to prepay for linode resources and save on a multi-year plan?

I want to reserve an instance for a year or longer. Do you have those options for reduced pricing based on a multi-year contract?

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Currently, we do not bill annually nor do we offer discounts for multi-year contracts, but we do have monthly invoices. You can make a Manual Payment which will place credits in your Linode account to be used towards your invoices. Please note that any credits you add to your account will count towards your invoice as a whole and not just a specific plan. In case you may be unfamiliar with our billing practices, I've provided a few guides below:

Regarding discounts, Our Customer Success team may be able to offer bulk spend discounts based on your total monthly services rendered. I'd suggest reaching out to our Support team via a ticket regarding your options for a discount and what services you plan to deploy.


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