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Andy Stevens

Cloud Moves Can Be Simple with an In-depth Library of Technical Documentation

Aug 13, 2020 | by Andy Stevens

Without technical documentation readily available, developers lose time coding, integrating, and delivering software.

Cloud Computing
Mike Maney

SMBs: Love Means Never Saying You’re Locked In

Aug 4, 2020 | by Mike Maney

In an industry where being locked into large proprietary clouds has a real impact on budget and control, it’s not enough to say you’re open. You have to be actually open.

Cloud Computing

Turning Browsers into Buyers with Push Notifications

Feedify uses cloud infrastructure services from Linode to manage approximately 300 million push notification messages per day.

Cloud Computing
Andy Christiawan

From College Classroom
Directly to the CEO Office

Everyone has heard a story about an entrepreneur who had an idea in college and turned it into a business. For Andy, the story he knows is his own.

Cloud Computing

Using the Cloud to Help Manufacturers Build Better Businesses

Since moving from Heroku to Linode, Flowlens has seen an improvement in performance, improving its cloud CRM and MRP for everyone.

Cloud Computing

4 Alternative Ways to Collaborate in the Cloud

May 1, 2020 | by Mitch Donaberger

Here are four alternative ways to approach the foundational elements of project management and collaboration.

Cloud Computing

Leveraging the Cloud to Drive Ecommerce Analytics

Bryce Adams quit his day job to develop an application that provided a reporting solution for companies using WooCommerce.

Cloud Computing

Turning Data into Targeted Customer Experiences

Bare-metal services at another data center couldn’t handle rapid growth on the company’s horizon, so Retargetly made the switch to Linode.

Cloud Computing

Getting Started with Dedicated CPUs

This guide will serve as a brief introduction into what a Dedicated CPU Linode is and how to add one to your Linode account.

Cloud Computing

Use Cases for Linode Dedicated CPU Instances

Dedicated CPU Linodes offer a complement to CPU intensive tasks, and have the potential to significantly reduce issues that arise from shared cloud hosting environments.

Cloud Computing

Elevate Summit Sydney 2019

Nov 8, 2019 | by Rick Myers

At Linode, we’re incredibly passionate about helping our customers. That means more than just answering tickets or phone calls—we’re here to solve real problems for people trying to get stuff done. This is why we’re deeply involved in the greater customer support community, and for us, there’s no better community than Elevate. This November, we’ll […]

Cloud Computing

Linode at LISA19

Oct 25, 2019 | by Linode Events

Hello! I’m Ryan Syracuse from Linode’s Technical Writing Team. Here at Linode, we believe our successful 16-year tenure as a cloud hosting company is a direct reflection of our core values and competencies. This involves understanding future trends in large-scale modern Linux administration—ahead of the curve—and sharing these insights with the larger Linux community. Knowledge […]

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