Certifications Fremont CA

Does this region have any certification?

I saw that it is not listed at the address below:

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Our Fremont data center does not offer any compliance documents or certifications, so we do not have anything to share for that location.

If you require these types of documents, I would suggest opening a Support ticket and requesting a migration to another data center for your Linodes.

You can use the information on our Speedtest page to get an idea of which data center works best for your needs. I would also recommend referring back to the Security at Linode page you mentioned earlier when choosing your location so you have a clear idea of what documents will be available after the migration.

Please note the following when migrating your Linode to another data center:

  • Your Linode will be powered off during its migration.
  • Your Linode will migrate at a rate of 5-10 MB/s.
  • Your Linode's IP address will change.

I hope this helps clear things up. Thanks.


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