Access to Install ioncube

I have no server conf experience. So I am hiring someone to add ioncube to a Liindoe server. How can I give this person access to perform this task? Please be specific.


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Create and Configure Cloud Manager User

You're able to add users with specific permissions onto your Linode account. To do so, you'll be using Cloud Manager.

Adding a User

In Cloud Manager:

  • Click the Account link in the sidebar.
  • Click the Users link
  • Select Add a User, which would then bring up a prompt for the Username and Email. A password creation link will be sent to the email address.
  • To give the user restricted access, you can untoggle This user will have full access to account features. This can be changed later. No worries if you miss it, you're able to change it later.
  • Once all fields are filled in, click Submit.

If you granted the user full access, the account will be created and no further action is required. If you opted to restrict the user, please follow the instructions in Setting Permissions.

Setting Permissions

  • In the side navigation bar of Cloud Manager, click Account.
  • Select Users at the top of the Account page.
  • Select the user from the list, then User Permissions at the top of the page.
  • Toggle the boxes in the Global Permissions section to allow the user to add Linodes, NodeBalancers, Domains, Longview clients, Block Storage Volumes to the account, create StackScripts and frozen Images, access all billing information, and cancel the entire account.
  • Select the appropriate permissions (None, Read Only, or Read-Write) in the Permissions section to allow the user to access your Linodes, StackScripts, Images, NodeBalancers, and Domains.
  • When you're finished configuring the permissions, click Save.

The changes will be saved and effective immediately.

Removing a User

Once the project is completed and you no longer want the user on your account, the removal process is simple:

  • On Cloud Manager, navigate to the Account link on the sidebar
  • Click the Users tab
  • Locate the user on the list and click the more options ellipsis to the right of the user.
  • Select Delete in the pop-up menu. A warning will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the user.
  • Click Delete.

The account will then be removed and the user will no longer be able to access your Linode Cloud Manager.

If my instructions were not clear enough or difficult to follow, we have awesome documentation on Linode user management.

For your specific use case, you could just give them permissions to the Linode you're installing ionCube on. As for the security on your account, please be careful with giving global permissions.

Create and Configure a Linux User

I also want to mention, if you do not want to give this person your Linodes root credentials, we have a great guide for Linux user and group permissions.

Good luck on your project!


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