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If I don’t pay my bill, what happens to my account? If I pay my overdue balance, will I be able to recover my Linodes?

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The answer to this is… maybe.

When a balance is overdue, Linode sends out reminders to update your payment at regular intervals. When a certain amount of time has passed, Linode will then send a warning that your Linodes will be deleted. If payment has still not been received, Linode will then send a confirmation once the Linodes have been deleted.

Anytime that Linodes are deleted, we retain the data in an Image on the account to be used for redeployment after payment has been received. However, these Images do expire, usually around 90 days after the Linodes have been deleted. Once this occurs, the data will no longer be able to be recovered.

If payment is made before the 90 day window, you can redeploy the Linode from the Images tab in your Cloud Manager account:

It is strongly recommended that customers maintain local backups of their data to use for redeployment in case a situation like this may occur (or any situation where a Linode may have been compromised or accidentally deleted somehow). Information on how to backup your data locally may be found at the following guides/Community Post:

To redeploy from a local backup, follow the steps in the guide below:


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