Use Object Storage as primary storage for nextcloud


Now before you link me to the Blog page about it you need to be aware that it doesn't work.

You need to set up the "Object Store" array before finishing the nextcloud Setup. With how Linode's Marketplace app is now, that is no-longer possible it seems as it forces you to state the Admin user and password before even setting up the linode, hence skipping nextclouds setup process all together and making this impossible.


What do I do?
Thanks in advance

Edit: Out of curiocity I went to check if the (Required) field was a suggestion but unfortunately not

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Hey there,

I did some testing with our NextCloud Marketplace app to see if I was able to get to the bottom of this for you. And I am happy to report that I was able to get NextCloud up and running and then configure it to use an Object Storage bucket.

I did follow along with our guide on this subject:

How to Configure NextCloud to use Linode Object Storage as an External Storage Mount

To break it down a bit for you I started by doing the following:

  • Deploy the App from The MarketPlace in Cloud Manager.

  • Login to NextCloud using the credentials defined in the setup. For the sake of this test I didn't set up a domain. If that's how you roll, you will use a URL similar to the one below.


From there you will need to enable the NextCloud App "External Storage Support". This is the tool that will allow you to use Object Storage with NextCloud. You can get to the Apps by clicking on your user icon in the upper right and selecting Apps. I believe this particular App should be in the default "Featured" section (in alphabetical order). Simply click "Enable" and you are all set.

This is where it gets exciting. Following the guide you will now do the thing! You are going to create and mount an object storage bucket.

I should let you know that the trick here is that you do not need to create the bucket in Cloud Manager first. When you input your configuration information into NextCloud and click the check mark to the right the bucket will get created for you.
All of the necessary configuration fields are also outlined in the previously linked guide.

If everything went as planned, you should now see a green check mark to the left of your bucket information and you can now upload to your bucket by way of NextCloud.


I appreciate the advice but that wasn't actually the issue I was talking about, I appologise as I worded it poorly. I was reffering to using the object software as the primary storage method for nextcloud, which would usually be done via this guide

I think I explained it better here

I contacted Linode Support about the issue and they've acknowledged that the current setup for the One-Click does actually break this.

Should I await for the response from the team or does anyone have some advice on how to-do this in the meanwhile, I'd rather not use the "External Storage Support" method as it is, in polite words, not very good.



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