I can't move to a lower plan and linode says there is a support limit and possibly they turn their back on me.

I have to reduce the disk size, but it won't let me for the following reason.

fs_resize: resize failed resize2fs 1.44.0 (7-Mar-2018) /vbin/bin/resize2fs: New size smaller than minimum (8259811)

In order to work through this, we'll need to do a bit of math first:

8259811 blocks * 4 KB per block / 1024 KB per MB = 32264 MB

The minimum that you can resize right now is 32264 MB because of the blocks. What you need to do next is migrate all your files to a fresh filesystem so that your files can be defragmented.
You can get this done by working through the following steps:

  1. Resize your current disk to as small as possible (32264 MB)
  2. Create a new disk within the remaining space
  3. Boot into rescue mode - be sure to keep track of which disk is which in regards to what device they are (/dev/sda, /dev/sdc)
  4. Access your Linode via Lish

. Mount both disks: mkdir /mnt/old /mnt/new && mount /dev/sda /mnt/old && mount /dev/sdc /mnt/new

. Copy all your files over: tar -cpf - -C /mnt/old . | tar -xpf - -C /mnt/new

  1. Power off your Linode and try resizing the new disk to as small as possible.

. Even if it fails again, it'll still be much smaller than before, meaning you can follow this up by calculating the new minimum using the above formula and resize again. The best way to view the error I attached earlier in the ticket is to view your Linode's activity from the Classic Manager's Dashboard Page.

  1. Edit your configuration profile to reference the new disk as /dev/sda

. Be sure to test the new disk before deleting the old one. I know it's a lot of steps, but seems to be the safest way to pack things tighter on your filesystem, and if you continue to have issues during or after working through these steps you can feel free to let us know.

Having already carried out all these steps, I am surprised that it does not copy some files, especially the / usr / folder, and when the server starts it does not launch anything.

I hope you can help me since linode apart from taking a long time to respond, it will limit support.

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Esto me sirvio:

sudo apt-get install e2fsprogs
sudo e4defrag
sudo e4defrag /dev/*

Ya solucione mi problema

If you are reducing disk size, it’s possible that there is not enough space to store the data you have.

I would recommend backing up first before downsizing or create a new Linode and transfer your data there.

I already solved my problem

This helped me:

sudo apt-get install e2fsprogs
sudo e4defrag
sudo e4defrag /dev/*


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