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Is there an AWS Cloudformation equivalent on Linode

What is the equivalent component of AWS CloudFormation Template in Linode ?

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The closest equivalent would be our StackScripts, which allow you to automate deployment of custom setups by writing a script to be run at the time you deploy a Linode. You can create new Linodes using a StackScript at any time, and you can use either your own script or one from our community. This guide can walk you through creating and writing your first StackScript:

How to Write Scripts for Linode StackScripts

An alternative option would be to create an image to be used as a "golden image" for deploying new Linodes. Rather than relying on a script to set up and install on a new Linode, you can deploy from an image that already has the software and configurations you need. Something to keep in mind with images is that custom images do incur a charge of $0.10 per GB and have a size limit of 6GB.


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