How can I convert image to volume?

How can I convert image to volume?

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Hi there,

I presume by "images" you mean "Linode Images" and by volumes you mean "Linode Block Storage Volumes". If so, then the key to convert your images into volumes and vice versa is to transfer the image or volume first to a Linode by deploying the image/volume to the Linode. In other words:

  • Linode Image -> Linode -> Linode Block Storage Volume

Or the other way around:

  • Linode Block Storage Volume -> Linode -> Linode Image

To deploy your image to a Linode, you can follow the steps on this guide:

From there, you could use the instructions in this section to convert your primary disk data (made from the image) into a a volume:

The same process in reverse should be possible to convert a Linode Block Storage Volume into a Linode Image (assuming that the size constraints meet the Linode Image limitation requirements.

Good luck!


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