How do I change the IPV6 address on my Linode?

How do I change the IPv6 address on my Linode? I currently have IPv4 address manually configured in /etc/network/interfaces but can I choose an IPV6 address from my pool? If so, how?


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Please disregard! I figured it out :-)

For anybody else that needs to do this and they're manually configuring static IPs on their Linode:

  1. Find the Network tab for your Linode.

  2. Scroll down and find the IPv6 pool you've been assigned.

  3. Use this website to pick a random IPV6 address from your pool:

  4. open /etc/network/interfaces

nano /etc/network/interfaces

  1. add (or modify):

iface eth0 inet6 static
    address [ipv6 address]/128

(Yes, keep the /128 at the end)

If you ifdown, make sure you ifup in the same line or you'll be knocked off.
I learned that the hard way and had to reboot from the Linode dashboard.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: Looks like we were writing our answers at the same time. Glad to see you were able to resolve this before anyone could chime in. Nice work on the step-by-step instructions. Surely that will assist others who need the same help.

The exact method will depend on your Linode's Linux distribution. Within the Manual Network Configuration guide linked below, select the network manager associated with your Linode's Linux distribution, and scroll down to configuring IPv6 from a /64 range.

A couple additional guides concerning IPv6 on Linode:

A few helpful pre-existing Community Site posts regarding configuring IPv6 within a Linode:


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