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Dedicated CPU


Watch the video to learn more about Linode’s solution for CPU-intensive applications such as video encoding, machine learning, and data analytics processing.

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Video Transcript

ALEX PENA: We have had customers approach us and say, you know, I really like your standard plans, your standard offerings, but I need a little more. And that was the birth of dedicated CPU. It’s something for people who don’t necessarily want to share their resources, who say, you know what? My application, I need it right then and there. I need it instantaneously. I cannot have any wait.

CHRIS AKER: The types of use cases where dedicated instances are meaningful are types of workloads where you need predictable and consistent performance, where you won’t be affected by neighbors on the box.

ALEX PENA: If your application is so precise and you need it just right, that’s what that product is for. That’s who it’s for.

TOM ASARO: You know, we look for the best bang for the buck, and we have a whole team dedicated to testing and choosing these components and kind of handpicking our build.

ALEX PENA: Because at the end of the day, a lot of our customers, you know, that is directly tied to their revenue or their livelihoods. It’s crucial, it’s vital,
for us to make sure that they get what they need.

CHRIS AKER: What we’ve learned after we announced the dedicated instances is that we found that it was in high demand. So people needed.

ALEX PENA: You know, people are like, I needed this. This is what I need right now.

TOM ASARO: Seeing all the comments and people waiting for those products, It’s exciting to be able to make customers feel that way. We’re always looking ahead. What more value can we provide to our customers that they may not be able to get somewhere else? The goal is to consistently release great products.

CHRIS AKER: Now we have a more complete and more robust set of features and tools for people. And it just makes me want to continue to develop more.