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Linode India Overview


Linode India cloud services are available at the same low, flat, and transparent price as our other data centers — making it easy to migrate from any of our other locations.

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Video Transcript

ASHWIN KUMAR: Linode provides cloud computing services with the fastest SSDs and processes in the market. We have our presence in all the major locations where there are software-run IT companies, which guarantees a faster connectivity with a very low latency. All data centers offer the same products and services, so there won't be any difference for our offering in India.

Linode has a very simple setup. You can switch on your server and bring it up within seconds. We provide an all SSD storage, 40 GB and above network with multiple redundancy, a simple and easy to manage console with IPv6 support, backups, load balancers, and high-speed block storage, too.

We have a team which provides an end-to-end manage professional services and the most important thing, a very robust customer support, which is just a phone call away. I don't think that there are any other providers that can match up to Linode's level of service at any price. In short, simplicity, predictable pricing, customer support, and affordability are the keys.