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Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Best practices and more for deploying containers, overviews of containerization systems, like Docker, RKT, and LXC, as well as Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.


Request-based autoscaling in Kubernetes: scaling to zero and back

In this session, you'll learn how to monitor HTTP requests to your apps and how to define autoscaling rules for your workloads.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
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Proactive cluster autoscaling in Kubernetes

Master how to align the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler and Cluster Autoscaler for blazing fast scaling even with occasional traffic spikes.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Justin Cobbett

Top Kubernetes Questions Answered

Aug 31, 2022
by Justin Cobbett
Our Kubernetes team answers the most common questions they hear from the Kubernetes community.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

FileRun on Docker Self Hosted File Sharing and Management Made Fast and Easy

FileRun allows you to share files with your clients and colleagues. In this video, @DB Tech will show you how to set up your own instance.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

PwnDrop Fast and Secure Drag and Drop File Hosting

PwnDrop is a self-deployable file hosting service for sending out red teaming payloads or securely sharing your private files.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Flame Dashboard in Docker

Flame is a self-hosted browser start page or dashboard for your server with built-in apps and bookmark editors.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Bookstack on Docker | Open Source Wiki Software

BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use, FOSS Wiki platform for organizing and storing information.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
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Build Kubernetes Skills with a New Course from KodeKloud

Jul 18, 2022
by Hillary Wilmoth
We’ve partnered with KodeKloud on new a new Kubernetes certification, plus an update on our popular Kubernetes ebook.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

The Self Hosted To-Do App to Organize Your Life | Vikunja on Portainer

Vikunja is a free and open source-Source, self-hosted to-do list application you can self-host and use on all platforms.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Linode Kubernetes Engine | Easily Deploy Kubernetes with LKE

LKE is a fully-managed K8s container orchestration engine for deploying and managing containerized applications and workloads.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Monica Setup on Portainer | A Personal Relationship Manager

Monica is a free and open-source web application to organize and record your interactions with your loved ones.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Advantages of Using Kubernetes

Kubernetes can manage the lifecycle of containers, creating and destroying them depending on the needs of the application, as well as providing a host of other features.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)