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Flame Dashboard in Docker

Flame is a self-hosted start page or dashboard for your server with built-in apps and bookmark editors. In this video, @DBTech will show you how to set up your own Flame instance in a Docker container on a Linode. The first video in this series is available here.

0:00 Introduction
1:04 What Does Flame Dashboard Look Like?
2:12 Examining the Backend of Flame Dashboard
5:40 Obtain the Docker Compose Script
6:00 Setup Your DNS
6:30 Deploy Flame in Docker
10:48 Add a Domain for Flame in NGINX12:30 How to Customize Flame
15:40 Conclusion

New to Linode? Get started here with a $100 credit!
Check out the Flame github.
Learn more about Flame on dockerhub.
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