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A Beginner’s Guide to Terraform

Terraform is an orchestration tool that allows you to represent your Linode instances and other resources.

Developer Tools

Getting Started with Pulumi

Pulumi allows you to write computer programs which deploy cloud resources–a practice referred to as infrastructure as code (IaC).

Developer Tools

Monitor Performance with Longview

Learn how to install Linode’s open source system data graphing service to track critical metrics.

Cloud Overviews

Deploying WordPress with One-Click Apps

Spin up a production-ready WordPress Linode in just a few minutes with Linode’s WordPress One-Click App.

Developer Tools

A Tutorial for Adding and Configuring Linode Cloud Firewall

Linode Cloud Firewall is a free service used to create, configure, and add stateful network-based firewalls to Linode services using the Linode Cloud Manager and the Linode APIv4.


Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

This guide describes the recommended strategy for migrating your services from another host to Linode.

Cloud Consulting Services
A Tutorial for Deploying and Managing a Cluster with Linode Kubernetes Engine

A Tutorial for Deploying and Managing a Cluster with Linode Kubernetes Engine

In this guide you will learn: how to create a Kubernetes cluster using the Linode Kubernetes Engine; how to modify your cluster; how to delete your cluster; and next Steps after deploying your cluster.


How to Install Docker and Pull Images for Container Deployment

In this guide, you’ll install Docker and pull down images that can be deployed as containers.


Linode Images

Linode Images allows you to take snapshots of your disks, and then deploy them to any Linode under your account.


Getting Started with Kubernetes: Use kubeadm to Deploy a Cluster on Linode

This guide will walk you through installing kubeadm and using it to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on Linode.