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Abby Ross

Craft of Code
Abby Ross - Curriki

How an Open Source Learning Platform Empowers Educators and Learners

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Education has its fair share of challenges, especially when remote learning has become the new normal.

But the CEO of Curriki, Abby Ross, believes that the ability to access interactive and engaging learning software should not be one of them.

This is the main reason why Curriki is free and open to all. Curriki helps educators build interactive and engaging learning content, with no coding experience necessary. Educators frequently spend a lot of time and money building engaging content, but Curriki is a streamlined, one-stop solution.

Abby joined episode four (season two) of the Craft of Code podcast to share Curriki’s story. She follows on from our previous discussion in season one with the CTO of Curriki, Leo Cunha. Hear how Linode helped to support Curriki’s mission to provide educational tools to all.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The challenges facing education in a remote setting
  • Why open source technology was the way to go to improve accessibility
  • The importance of reliability with any online platforms
  • How Curriki partnered with Linode
  • Why KPIs are a major focus to avoid “overcooking” the development
  • Abby’s advice for other CEOs

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