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Linode Toronto Data Center


Linode Toronto is our 9th global data center and will allow our Canadian customers to deploy cloud workloads on Canadian soil.

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BRITTANY HANKS: Linode is actually offering services now in Toronto, which is a huge bonus. I've spoken in person to some of our customers at a conference in Vancouver, and they were dying for us to be in Canada. Some of our customers who love to use Linode can't use Linode at work because there is some privacy concerns about storing data out of the country. And so us moving to Toronto is actually a really huge move. Now our Canadian customers who are using us personally can now transition to using us for business purposes.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: We're excited to support the start-up communities and the businesses there in Canada. The rationale for having more and more locations is the closer you can have your data to your customers, the faster and less latent internet connectivity they're going to have. It's really about empowering customers, making sure that we're providing them with the services that they need. And our global footprint has just continued to increase. We're as much of a networking company as we are a cloud computing company.

THOMAS ASARO: We're excited to be in Toronto. There's a huge start-up community there. We have a ton of existing customers there. So it's exciting to be able to provide them in-country, low-latency services. There's a huge AI, artificial intelligence, community there.

ALEX PENA: We want to offer the best possible experience and performance and value to our customers that we possibly can. And one of the best ways to do that is to get as close to them as possible. I'm super-excited that we were able to launch in Canada. That allows people in Toronto to get the full breadth of our services, to take full advantage of Linode. We are excited to see what our customers, our developers can do and bring them into our community or us into theirs.

TOMAS ASARO: I think it's exciting to execute on our mission to make cloud computing accessible to more and more people every day all over the world.

BRITTANY HANKS: And the fact that we're actually reaching out in Canada and opening a data center there, it's showing our commitment to our Canadian customers, that we're committed to providing great service for them. We care about their latency, we care about their concerns about privacy, and we're addressing those. We're committed to our customers in Canada, and we're committed to being around for a long time.

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