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Phil Nelson

Craft of Code
Phil Nelson

Making Old Time Radio New Again

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In this first episode of the Craft of Code podcast’s second season, we speak with Phil Nelson of RetroStrange TV and Lofi Scifi. RetroStrange TV is a 24/7 streaming video channel that lets you watch old movies anytime you want. Lofi Scifi is a 24/7 old-time radio channel that broadcasts music and old sci-fi radio stories.

We talked to Phil about his unique website and why he chose Linode to host it. He shares why he needed full access to the server, the ability to scale, compatibility with open-source software, and other Linode features for his project to work.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Phil and his partner Noah decided to create RetroStrange TV
  • How they curated content for the 24/7 broadcasts
  • Why Linode was the perfect choice to host their website
  • How RetroStrange TV uses open-source software
  • The top products Phil uses from Linode
  • Plans for RetroStrange TV

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