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Richard Nelson

Craft of Code
Richard Nelson

How Linode Helped Power an Australian News Aggregator

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When Richard Nelson, Director of Engineering at Nuix, was looking for a hosting provider for a new project, Linode was an obvious choice. Richard has dabbled in other providers such as Google Cloud in the past. But as a long-standing Linode customer, he’s always returned to Linode.

Richard joined episode two of the second season of The Craft of Code podcast to talk about his new project site AUSNews is a news aggregator that started as an experiment to counter the way Google and Facebook use news content.

Hear how he got started and migrated his site from Google Cloud to Linode without a hitch. In this episode, Richard explains why he chose Linode, how the performance has so far matched Google’s, and why Linode is a great option for those using a multi-cloud strategy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Phil and his partner Noah decided to create RetroStrange TV
  • How they curated content for the 24/7 broadcasts
  • Why Linode was the perfect choice to host their website
  • How RetroStrange TV uses open-source software
  • The top products Phil uses from Linode
  • Future plans for RetroStrange TV

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