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Taejoon Jung

Craft of Code

Taking Cybersecurity By Storm

Cloudbric provides affordable and fully-managed web security to thousands of customers worldwide. Spun out of Penta Security Systems in 2017, CEO and co-founder Taejoon Jung saw an opportunity and embraced it. Mr. Jung took the reins of the South Korea-based Cloudbric and set out to become a leader in web application security, IoT, mobile security, and edge computing. 

The cloud and edge security company has grown to be a leading web application firewall (WAF) provider in the Asia Pacific market. Cloudbric continues to improve its in-house, signature-less method for filtering traffic. The secret behind its success is the use of proprietary-based search engines and AI applications. The company offers its customers a WAF with a bundle of added security services, such as DDoS, SSL, CDN, and a Remote Access Solution. 

Some of the world’s most advanced IT developments are happening in APAC countries, and Cloudbric provides smart factories, autonomous vehicle manufacturers, and edge technology companies with high-quality cybersecurity services in heavy demand. 

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Cloudbric had experimented with various cloud infrastructure service providers that turned out to be either too costly or too unreliable. After trying many options, the company was apprehensive about Linode’s offer of an extremely stable infrastructure service at a very low price. In the end, Linode’s established presence in Japan pushed Cloudbric to choose the alternative cloud provider.

Fast forward to the present day, and Cloudbric has been so pleased with the quality of Linode’s supported features, performance, and technical support that it’s looking to become a reliable local partner to sell and provide support for Linode in APAC. One of the main reasons Cloudbric is confident about this venture is because of the level of customer support it receives from Linode. Maintaining an understanding of the customer’s business in the context of local culture, language, and markets is vital, and Cloudbric believes that Linode’s attentiveness and hands-on approach to customer support makes it the perfect provider to take on the challenge. 

“When dealing with staff from Linode, you realize that they actually care for your business—almost to the extent that you may think that they are part of your company,” said Mr. Jung. This mission, along with Linode’s affordability and level of performance on par with AWS and Azure, has been Cloudbric’s primary source of value. 

Cloudbric is thrilled to transfer these benefits to its customers by offering a reliable and secure cloud alternative—so much so that it’s becoming a major force in influencing how Linode’s mission towards accessibility is playing out in South Korea and throughout APAC. As the partnership unfolds, Cloudbric and Linode, in tandem, are on track to bring cybersecurity and cloud services to more customers in a way that allows knowledge to be translated, localized, and delivered correctly.

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