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Protect your Linode's data with redundant cloud backups


Rest easy while knowing that your data is safe and secure with Linode's simple, scalable backup service.


Keep your Linodes’ data safe with the Linode Backup Service. Schedule automatic backups so you can always recover your data.


Fully Managed Backups

Linode Backups is a managed service that automatically backs up your Linode disks at regular intervals. Use full-system backups to guard against accidental deletions or misconfigurations.


Enroll With One Click

Enable the Backup Service with a single click. It activates instantly, and your first backups will be automatically scheduled. No software to install or configure.


Configurable Backup Window

You can choose when your backups are generated. Select a two-hour window that suits you.

Ensure your data is protected today

Backups can be activated instantly and run completely independent of your Linode’s software stack. No installation or configuration required. Pricing is based on the Linode compute plan you choose.

  • Shared
  • Dedicated CPU
  • High Memory
  • GPU

Additional Features

Manual Backup

If you only need to backup a few files, you can manually copy them without the overhead of the automated service. Securely copy individual files to your home computer, another Linode, or a block storage volume.

Auto-Enroll New Linodes

Using the Linode Cloud Manager, you can automatically enroll new Linode instances with the Backup Service.
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