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Randy’s Remodeled Office

Feb 10, 2009 by tasaro
Randy has been out for the last week so we thought he could use a little office remodeling.  He’s been spending so much quality time building new hosts we wanted to make him feel at home when he gets back to his desk. . .

Linode hosts Rails Rumble 2008

Sep 29, 2008 by tasaro
Linode is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting the Rails Rumble programming competition again this year! The Rails Rumble is a 48 hour web application development contest. As a contestant, you get one weekend to design, develop, and deploy the best web property that you can, using the awesome power of Ruby on Rails. […]

The Web 2.0 Show

Jul 19, 2008 by tasaro
Linode is sponsoring a few episodes of The Web 2.0 Show — a podcast about emerging web technologies.  Josh Owens, the lead developer of Tastyplanner (Rails Rumble 2007 Grand Prize winner) and Adam Stacoviak are the hosts who “focus on interviewing the developers and entrepreneurs who are creating the next generation of web services and […]

Linode now accepts Discover Card

Mar 19, 2008 by tasaro
Linode is now accepting Discover card for payment, in addition to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. There have been a few requests for this, so while we were tweaking our merchant account we made sure to add it. Now you can start accumulating your cashback bonus points while paying for your Linode subscription. Also, charges […]

For Sale: Retired Linode Host Servers

Oct 12, 2007 by tasaro
As you know, we’ve replaced all of our hosts over the last few months. We’re in talks with a “technology asset recovery” firm about acquiring them, but thought we’d offer them to customers first. All hard drives have been removed, rails and power cord are included. Here is the build list. If you are interested, […]

Rails Rumble

Aug 10, 2007 by tasaro is proud to be sponsoring the first annual [url=]Rails Rumble Championship![/url] With competition officially slated for September 8th to 9th, assemble your team and head on over to their site to [url=]register[/url]. [quote]The concept is simple: you get 48 hours to design, develop, and deploy a web application from scratch. After those 48 hours […]