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Linode, Explained


The cloud can be confusing, we get it. That’s why Linode has made it our mission to take the transformative power of the cloud and simplify it so that everyone can benefit. If you’re still confused, watch this short video. We’ll explain it from the start in under 2 minutes.

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Video Transcript

NARRATOR: Linode's cloud computing platform accelerates innovation, by making Linux virtual machines simple, affordable, and accessible to all. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and developers all around the world have deployed and scaled their modern applications faster and easier on Linode.

With Linode, your team can more efficiently build web, mobile, database, and machine learning applications with our simple Cloud Manager or API and CLI. Only pay for what you use, with pricing that's predictive, consistent, and transparent across every global data center and advanced cloud solutions that deliver the best price-to-performance ratio in the industry. Easily scale up or down in seconds across our comprehensive solutions, ranging from standard VMs to dedicated CPUs and enterprise-grade graphical processors.

But behind the cloud, we're people like you, ready to talk whenever you need us, 24/7. So running on Linode means you get the support experience you love and the tools you need for total control over your infrastructure.

This is the future of cloud computing, ready for you today. Linode.

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