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About Linode


Develop, deploy, and scale cloud infrastructure at the best price-to-performance ratio in the market. Grow your business with our Linux virtual machines, API, intuitive interface, and next generation global network.

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CHRISTOPHER AKER: Although a lot has changed in the last 15 years, our mission remains the same as it was back in the very beginning. And that was to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone to help foster innovation.

THOMAS ASARO: That's the philosophy that we started the company with. We wanted to be a homegrown, authentic, genuine service. We're not here just to collect a paycheck. We want to mean something to all of our customers.

RICK MYERS: Linode exists because we wanted to provide a platform for people to just build cool stuff, whether it's your cat blog or whether it's your company. We just want to be part of helping you create your vision, no matter what it is.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: Our roots are deeply ingrained in Linux. A lot of the philosophies of the open source movement are represented in the service that we offer and definitely in the culture that we have.

RICK MYERS: Customers choose Linode for a lot of reasons. The price is great. The transparency of our service, we give you full access to do whatever you want with all of your servers. We're reliable. We've been here a long time. People choose Linode because of the products that we offer. We give you all these different things that you can do to help build and scale with you. We see a lot of people start at our smallest plan and grow and grow and grow, and add NodeBalancers as you need them, and add backups as you need them, and add storage as you need it. So we provide all the tools to scale with you.

THOMAS ASARO: From day one, we've tried to maintain customer service as a huge differentiator for us. Customers that call in, whether it's a support ticket or on the phone, they're going to get the answer from the first technician they speak to.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: And it just was a common sense approach. Nothing beats first response resolution.

RICK MYERS: It's something that we actually care about. It's something that drives us, something that motivates us. It's a passion to us to help solve people's problems.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: Because we value simplicity, our pricing model is meant to be simple and predictable and transparent. You're not going to have any surprises. We bundle the resources together. It's a flat capped fee for each type of service that we offer.

THOMAS ASARO: We look for the best bang for the buck. We want to be able to deliver that affordability to the customer, but still maintain performance.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: We're here to enable and to empower our customers. And their success is our success. So the more we can help them, the better off everybody is.