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Customer Support Experience


Watch the video to learn more about our award-winning support team.  No hand-offs, just highly trained professionals who actually answer the phone and solve your issue 24/7/365.

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Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER AKER: We're extremely proud about our customer service. I treated it like how I wanted customer service to go. And it just was a common-sense approach. Nothing beats first-response resolution.

RICK MYERS: We have a passion for helping customers and solving problems. It's not just a job to us. It's not just a thing that you do as a stepping stone to go somewhere else. It's not just something that people come in and do because it's easy, for sure. It's something that we actually care about. It's something that drives us. It's something that motivates us. It's a passion to us to help solve people's problems.

CASSIE BUBNIS: When you think about calling any kind of support department, I think that you kind of get that dread of, how many menus? How many people do I have to talk to? Is this going to take all day? With us, it's, thank you for calling Linode Support. This is Cassie. How can I help you? And that person is going to be the person that can help you. There's no transferring. There's no menus. It's a few rings and then somebody that can solve your problem.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: You know, these guys think they're enabled, and they're empowered, and they're trained well, and they have access to things. They understand. They've probably faced every issue possible. We don't hold ourselves to any high standard. That is the standard here.

THOMAS ASARO: From day one, we've tried to maintain customer service as a huge differentiator for us. We want people to get the answers they need when they need them.

ERIN HERTNECK: We care about the way our customers feel about our products. We care about them. When they run into an issue, we want to fix it. With some other cloud providers, it's more, how can I get this done as quickly as possible versus how can I help this customer best while helping them learn what happened so that maybe they can prevent it in the future? I feel like it's the care that really makes us stand out.

RICK MYERS: We have to have a really intense, methodical curriculum to get people up to date, up to speed, and ready to help customers.

CHRISTOPHER AKER: I'm not sure why it's wrong at other companies. I just know we try and do a really, really good job, and we have from the very start. And we're here to enable and to empower our customers, and their success is our success. So the more we can help them, the better off everybody is.

CASSIE BUBNIS: Making sure that we're being honest and transparent with customers, making sure that, at the end of the day, their happiness is what we're striving for, so how do you go about accomplishing that? We're not just a support department that ends the ticket and says, see you. We resolved your issue. But we're saying, come back to us. Give us your problems. We want to solve them. We want to be a part of that community as much as the people that are in that community. And I think that we do a really good job of that here.