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Sending and Saving Data with Remix – Real World Database App Building

A man with black hair and glasses in front of a microphone with a cartoon pencil next to him and the text CRUD: Creating New Entries 3.

Alright, now we’re ready to get into the CRUD operations. In this episode, we’ll start with Create. To do that, we’ll cover Remix routing, submitting forms with HTML vs. JavaScript, accessing data, validation, and saving to the database with Prisma. The first video in this series is available here.

0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – Starting with CRUD: Create
3:52 – Adding input components (HTML Form)
10:48 – Submitting the form
16:00 -Importing form from Remix
19:20 – Collecting data from form entries + validation
27:42 – Inserting data into the database
30:53 – Redirect to the home page
32:50 – Getting to Create page + navigation
36:56 – Adding a cancel button
40:00 – Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
41:21 – Outro & What’s Next

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Product: Linode, Akamai, Databases, Austin Gil

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