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Explore cloud computing topics rooted in technical documentation developed by and for developers, engineers, and IT leaders who share in our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Getting to Know Funding Sources | Linode Open For Business Series

In this video, we'll cover some options and benefits to consider when funding your tech startup. Be sure to subscribe to catch more of this series on how to build your tech startup.
Cloud Consulting Services

Deploying a Simple Python Web Server

In this video, we'll talk about creating a Flask application and hosting it on our Linux machine. We won't talk a lot about coding or Python, rather I'll show you how we can take a basic web app and host it on the public IP address of our Linode.
Developer Tools

How to use chmod | Manage File Permissions in Linux

The chmod command allows users to change read and write permissions in Unix systems. In this video, we will show you how to modify file and directory permissions with chmod.

Linux for Programmers #12 | Advanced Linux Commands

Welcome back to another Linux for Programmers tutorial! In this video, I'll be covering more Linux commands, specifically more advanced commands that you may not use as frequently, but are useful nonetheless.

Intro to Docker Series | #6 Debugging

In this conclusion to our intro to Docker series, we'll cover how to jump into and out of Docker containers, how to do some basic debugging, and introduce container orchestration with Kubernetes.

Shadowsocks on Linode | Fast Tunnel Proxy Server

Shadowsocks is a secure open source socks5 proxy designed to protect your Internet traffic. Shadowsocks is designed to both be indiscernible from other traffic to third-party monitoring tools and also able to disguise itself as a normal direct connection.

Linux for Programmers #11 | Key Authentication (RSA & FTP)

In this video, we'll be talking about public and private key authentication (RSA), making it so we no longer have to type in the password for our user, but instead we are automatically authenticated using this special method.

Intro to Docker Series | #5 Docker Compose

If your Docker application includes more than one container, building, running, and connecting the containers from separate Dockerfiles is cumbersome and time-consuming. As you'll see in this video, Docker Compose solves this problem by allowing you to use a YAML file to define multi-container apps.
ChemiCloud | Linode Partner Story

In a Sea of Competition, Managed Hosting Provider Reels in Success

ChemiCloud evaluated providers like Google and AWS and alternatives like Vultr and incumbent DigitalOcean. Linode was the clear choice.
Partner Network

Linode Cloud Firewall | Simple Scalable Network Security

Linode Cloud Firewall makes it simple to control network traffic to and from your Linodes. In this video, you'll see how to customize firewall rule sets and secure a Linode’s traffic based on trusted IP addresses, ports, and protocols.

Linux for Programmers #10 | Shell Scripts

In this continuation of our Linux for programmers series, we're going to be covering shell scripts within Linux. Shell scripts are a way to execute shell commands within a script. You can implement loops, if statements, conditions, statements that execute, and expressions that evaluate.

Intro to Docker Series | #4 Docker Registries and Versioning

In this continuation of our Intro to Docker series, you'll learn about Docker Registries and Image Versioning. We'll show you where to find Docker images and how to share custom images of your own to those registries.