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Explore cloud computing topics rooted in technical documentation developed by and for developers, engineers, and IT leaders who share in our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Cloud Provider Trust Research

Cloud Provider Trust Is Not an Issue. Until It Is

The Cloud Provider Trust report from ClearPath Strategies details how devs balance performance and security with business practices and values.
The Alternative Cloud™

How to Scan Linux for Vulnerabilities with ClamAV

Running a system scan using ClamAV can help you investigate a system that you suspect might be compromised or infected. This video shows steps to use an automated script created by Linode that installs ClamAV and runs a system scan and also includes manual steps to install ClamAV and run a system scan.
Suneet Shah

InfoSec Innovation and Collaboration

OpenIAM's partnership with Linode began after a mishap with another provider. In half an hour, its infrastructure was up and running on Linode.

Linux for Programmers #9 | Grep and Regex

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we'll cover the grep command and regular expressions. The grep command is an extremely useful and common command within Linux, and exists in almost all Linux distributions.

Intro to Docker Series | #3 Building Docker Images

In this continuation of our Intro to Docker series, you'll learn about Docker images. We'll show you how to build Docker images that will allow you to create numerous useful containers.

Host Multiple Websites with ServerWand | One-Click Install

ServerWand is a magical control panel for managing websites and servers. Host multiple sites on a single server, manage apps, firewall, databases, backups, system users, cron jobs, SSL and email with an intuitive interface.
Developer Tools

Linux for Programmers #8 | Text Editors: Nano, Vim, Emacs

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we're going to be discussing some common Linux text editors, and how to use them. The two text editors that come by default with Ubuntu are Vim and Nano, which we'll be going over at length. At the end of the video, I'll very quickly show you the Emacs text editor in case you care to use it.

Intro to Docker Series | #2 Containers and Volumes

In this continuation of our Intro to Docker series, you'll learn how to create, start, and stop Docker containers. You'll also see how Docker uses Volumes and Containers to deploy applications on different ports.
HackerSploit: Docker Security Essentials

HackerSploit: Docker Security Essentials

Hackersploit: Docker Security Essentials is a guide to auditing and securing the Docker platform and containers.
HackerSploit Docker Security Webinar Series

HackerSploit: Docker Security Series

Gain the necessary skills to be able to audit, secure and manage Docker in the context of an organization or in their own personal projects.

Intro to AlmaLinux | CentOS Alternative

AlmaLinux OS is an open-source, community-driven Linux operating system that fills the gap left by the discontinuation of the CentOS Linux stable release. In this video, we'll go through deploying an AlmaLinux instance with Linode.

Linux for Programmers #7 | Environment Variables

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we're going to be discussing environment variables on Linux. Environment variables are such an important thing to know as a programmer. Environment variables aren't just important for Linux, but also on Windows and Mac, and you should understand how to use them.