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Linode vs. AWS

Simpler is better

Linode cloud computing was launched in 2003, three years before Amazon's AWS. For the past two decades, developers have turned to Linode's simpler more affordable approach versus the complexities of AWS.

Why choose Linode over AWS?

Linode is the largest independent open cloud provider in the world. Developers recognize Linode over AWS as the best alternative and multicloud solution for a multitude of reasons:


Lower Costs with Pricing Plans that Actually Make Sense

Linode is known worldwide for high performance cloud computing at a great price. Not only are we dramatically more affordable than AWS, but also our pricing model is simple, flat, and predictable.


Open Cloud (No Vendor Lock-In)

Linode has always been a leading advocate for open source and open cloud, which means saying no to vendor lock-in and proprietary frameworks and services. Today's cloud technology must enable developers to easily deliver their apps on multiple clouds through common development and operations approaches. Mega-clouds simply struggle to remain open because it often conflicts with their business model and profit objectives.


Best Price-to-Performance Ratio

Like a fine wine or craft beer it's all about the ingredients and how you bring them together with passion and quality at the forefront. Linode has perfected how to build and scale cloud computing in order to deliver the best price-to-performance ratio in the industry. Our 17 years of experience and optimization shows in every cloud instance we deliver.


Real Customer Service

​​​​​​​Our award-winning service team has no tiers, no bots, no hand-offs. Just highly-trained professionals who actually answer the phone and solve your issue. At Linode, customer experience is at the center of everything we do – not our company's valuation or stock price.


100% Independent

Being independent means that Linode has grown without taking money from investors or other third parties. Not only does this mean our business is rock solid, but also that we are free to put the customer needs first, and not the profit demands of venture capital, private equity, or shareholders. Our customers want to know that our service will always be there for them, not fall apart after an acquisition or be deprioritized when other shiny objects take priority.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many developers choose Linode over AWS because they are looking for a simpler approach to cloud infrastructure and a solution that is easy to understand, deploy, and maintain. AWS is a powerful platform thanks to its broad array of services and configurations. The reality is, most applications don't require 95% of what AWS offers – resulting in complexity and confusion. At Linode, our mission is make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible.


Non Competitive

As Amazon continues to disrupt a broader range of industries, competitive conflicts arise, which fosters serious infrastructure questions for many developer teams and businesses. For 17 years Linode has only focused on our customers cloud computing needs – not running ecommerce, entertainment, music, grocery stores, logistics, payments, or other businesses. The question is: Do you trust a technology partner to store your data, handle your transactions, support the most intimate details of your business, if that tech partner is also a competitor?

"The bigger that Amazon gets in India, the worse its customer service has gotten. It is impossible to get a human by email or chat and very hard by phone. And it takes 2 or 3 calls to solve every problem."

Vindu Goel - New York Times Correspondent

Proven Global Network at the Right Price

Linode has you covered with 10 global data centers all built on our Next Generation Network. Why overpay for cloud infrastructure? Leverage the proven scalability and low-latency performance of Linode at a price that works for you.


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