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Users & Permissions

USERS & PERMISSIONS User management and control to scale your infrastructure Collaboration and security to accelerate your business. Global Permissions Give users the ability to add Linodes, products, and domains, plus access to create images, use StackScripts, and more. User-Based Permissions Optionally set separate user permissions for each of your Linodes, storage volumes, NodeBalancers, and […]



Analyze server performance graphs and keep track of resource usage. Set up custom threshold alerts when you’re close to reaching your limits.



StackScripts provide Linode users with the ability to automate the deployment of custom systems on top of our default Linux distribution images.



Our collection of integrations lets you connect infrastructure and dev tools to Linode. Manage your Linode resources using the tools you know and love.



Bootstrap a master image for a large deployment, or retain a disk for a configuration that you may not need running, but wish to return to in the future.


One-Click Apps

Choose from a library of popular apps, tweak configurations, and click deploy. Quickly deploy anything from a dev environment to a game server in one click.

Developer Tools


Virtually any task that can be done through the Linode Cloud Manager can be done through the CLI, making it an excellent tool for scripting and management.


Linode API

Automate any task that can be performed by the Cloud Manager, such as creating Linodes, managing IP addresses and DNS, and opening support tickets.