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Three-Tiered Architecture uses a Data, Application, and Presentation Tier
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Use a VLAN or VPC to Secure Your App with Three-Tiered Architecture

Three-tiered architecture with a VLAN or VPC uses network isolation to build reliable, secure, and scalable applications.

Our Favorite Content Channels for Developers

Jul 11, 2019 by Linode
The developer community is always looking for new resources to help them launch and scale their applications in the cloud. But finding those trusted resources is often a challenge. So today, we’re sharing 15 of the top developer blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels that we and our customers turn to for the insights that help […]

2019 Summer Events

Jul 2, 2019 by Linode
School is not out for the summer for us Linode folk. Between beach trips and ice cream outings, we’ve got a whole bunch of events we’ll be attending. Check out the scoop below and make sure to stop by if we’ll be in your area. Follow us along our social media adventures at #LinodeOnTheRoad Support […]
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From Kubernetes to GPU, Catch Up On the Latest Linode Guides

Jun 28, 2019 by Linode
Between launching the Mumbai Data Center beta and introducing our GPU pilot, Linode’s docs team still found time to publish a new stack of helpful step-by-step guides. Take a look and learn something new. Deploying Kubernetes on Linode Kubernetes is quickly becoming the standard way to orchestrate containerized applications. Find out how it can make […]
Rick Myers

Why You Need A Support Training Team

Jun 25, 2019 by Rick Myers
Richard Myers is Vice President of Customer Support & Success at Linode. Here he shares his expertise on building a training team and why such an investment has already paid huge dividends for Linode and its customers. This post was originally published here. In 2016, Linode had a problem. Our Support Team was growing at […]
Blair Lyon

Linode Mumbai Data Center Now Open

Jun 21, 2019 by Blair Lyon
We’re proud to announce the opening of our newest data center: Mumbai, India. Home to more than 5 million software developers, India is one of the world’s fastest growing developer and technology regions, and our most requested international data center location. Linode Mumbai is our 10th global data center and was built with all our […]
Blair Lyon

Introducing Linode GPU Instances

Jun 19, 2019 by Blair Lyon
We are excited to announce the pilot launch of Linode GPU instances. These instances are tailored towards workloads such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, high quality graphics rendering, video transcoding and scientific computing. Linode GPU instances are built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU cards. This is the first time these cards are being offered […]
Christopher Aker

Linode turns 16: Triples Dedicated plan storage, halves NodeBalancer cost

Jun 19, 2019 by Christopher Aker
This week we’re celebrating Linode’s 16th birthday and we want you to celebrate with us. Like we’ve done in the past we’re using our birthday to also celebrate you. Here’s what we’ve got in store: NodeBalancer pricing reduction Starting today, NodeBalancer pricing has been reduced from $20/mo to $10/mo, for both new and existing NodeBalancers. […]

Intel’s MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode

May 15, 2019 by The Linode Security Team
This week Intel publicly disclosed a group of processor vulnerabilities known as Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS), also referred to as “ZombieLoad”. MDS affects systems that host virtual machines from varying security domains and/or that the system owner does not fully trust, which includes Linode's infrastructure and Linodes themselves.

Linode Toronto Data Center Now Available

Apr 30, 2019 by scarrasco
We’re excited to announce the opening of our newest data center in Toronto, Canada. Linode Toronto is our 10th global data center and will allow our Canadian customers to deploy cloud workloads on Canadian soil.

Now Available: Linode Rancher Integration

Apr 10, 2019 by Linode
We are happy to announce the new Linode integration for Rancher! Rancher is a free and open source tool that simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. Instead of using command-line tools to access your clusters, Rancher’s web interface provides a logical presentation of all of your deployments, services, and other cluster objects, and […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

2019 Spring Events

Mar 25, 2019 by Linode
Our spring 2019 events calendar is growing bigger by the minute! Check out the list of conferences and events we’ll be attending over the next few months, and make sure to stop by if we’ll be in your area! DrupalCon  Seattle, WA | April 8-12 More than 3,000 of the world’s top Drupal contributors, influencers, […]
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