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What’s New for Developers: June 2024

We're excited to restart our Linode Live series, introduce Kubernetes Cluster API support, and unveil the latest in our RUM Archive insights. Discover new features in our Akamai Terraform Provider, Edgegrid Golang updates, and tutorials on building scalable streaming services. Dive into our content for expert tips and the newest trends.
Cloud Provider Trust Research
Mike Maney

The Truth About Cloud Provider Trust

Aug 11, 2021
by Mike Maney
New research from ClearPath Strategies reveals values of the Big 3 cloud providers don’t always align with the developers who use them.
Cloud Overviews
New Technical Docs

Docs Roundup: Available Linux Distribution Updates, nftables, and More

Aug 4, 2021
by Linode
Catch up on the latest technical guides from Linode.
HackerSploit: Docker Security Essentials

New Docker Container Security Essentials Guide

Jul 29, 2021
by Linode
Hackersploit: Docker Security Essentials discusses container security best practices and techniques to secure your Docker containers.
Headshot of Hillary Wilmoth.

LKE Now Supporting Kubernetes v1.21.1

Jul 19, 2021
by Hillary Wilmoth
Linode adds support for Kubernetes v1.21.1 to ensure users have the most up-to-date, stable version within the Linode Kubernetes Engine.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Headshot of Hillary Wilmoth.

New Security and Networking Benefits from Linode

Jul 14, 2021
by Hillary Wilmoth
Cloud Firewall and Private VLANs give you more control over who can access your network and applications.
Documenting the Alternative Cloud
Andy Stevens

Documenting the Alternative Cloud: Linode’s Take on Technical Documentation

Jul 7, 2021
by Andy Stevens
In this video with Redmonk's KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, we discuss how Linode makes documentation more accessible with a docs-as-code approach.
Considering Terraform
Al Newkirk

When to Consider Terraform

Jul 1, 2021
by Al Newkirk
As an engineering manager working with our Terraform provider, I get a lot of questions about when to consider Terraform.
Developer Tools
Christopher Aker

Celebrating 18 Years of Linode + Some Exciting News

Jun 16, 2021
by Christopher Aker
This month marks Linode’s eighteenth year as a company. A lot has changed since the day we started. Read more about how we're celebrating.
Continuous Operations and High Availability with Galera Database Clusters
Billy Thompson

Continuous Operations and High Availability with Galera Database Clusters

Jun 15, 2021
by Billy Thompson
Fast and easy deployment of Galera with Ansible is an example of how open source software works together on Linode.
Importing to Terraform
Headshot of Hillary Wilmoth.

Importing Your Infrastructure to Terraform

Jun 9, 2021
by Hillary Wilmoth
Users considering migrating to Infrastructure as Code point to several Terraform benefits.
Developer Tools
Declarative vs. Imperative in IaC
Elvis Segura

Declarative vs. Imperative in IaC

Jun 1, 2021
by Elvis Segura
The terms imperative and declarative come up frequently and refer to how the user provides direction to the automation platform.
Developer Tools