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MySQL or PostgreSQL
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Choosing a Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL

To help you choose between MySQL and PostgreSQL, we take a closer look at the optimized tasks for each database.

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Jan 20, 2004 by Christopher Aker -Chris

Bug Fix – Network Drops and Connectivity Blips

Jan 19, 2004 by Christopher Aker
I released a change in the host-side network configuration for the Linode’s network setup that fixes a number of related, long-outstanding and not easily reproducible bugs: [list][*]Random disconnects when others rebooted on the same host. [*]Complete loss of connectivity if the MAC address timed out in the bridging table. (requiring the log-into console and ping […]

Reduced Bandwidth Pricing

Jan 15, 2004 by Christopher Aker
Pricing for additional bandwidth has been cut by 25-50%! [list] [*]10 GB = $10/mo [*]20 GB = $20/mo [*]40 GB = $40/mo [*]80 GB = $60/mo [*]120 GB = $80/mo [*]160 GB = $100/mo [*]350 GB = $200/mo [/list] For higher volume discount pricing, please contact [email protected] Enjoy! -Chris

RFT: “ubd=mmap” experimental config option

Jan 11, 2004 by Christopher Aker
Request for Testing! I would appreciate it if some of you would test a new option which changes the way UML writes to your filesystem files, and post your experiences here. Normally, UML uses the standard open/close read/write library calls. The problem with this is that it duplicates data in the host’s page cache, and […]

Linode 2003 Year-end Review

Dec 31, 2003 by Christopher Aker
Dear Member: I started development on Linode late-2002/early-2003, voluntarily leaving employment at a very good .com healthcare related company. I told myself that if it wasn’t a success by the end of the year (2003) that I’d call it quits. And so this was the year of reckoning for me and my life-long pursuit […]

#linode Community IRC Chat Channel (

Dec 29, 2003 by Christopher Aker
Everyone is welcome to come hang out and chat in the #linode IRC channel on the IRC network. Use your favorite IRC client, or use the [url=]web-based IRC tool[/url] for a quick visit. Remember, for official support please use the support ticket system. But, come hang with like minded (Linux minded?) individuals. See you […]

Fedora Core 1 distro available

Nov 22, 2003 by Christopher Aker
Fedora Core 1, available through the Distro Wizard. [img][/img] This is a minimal install, RPM list to follow. Thanks and Enjoy! -Chris

Updated Console Access Program (lish)

Nov 8, 2003 by Christopher Aker
The Linode Shell, or lish, is the small script that runs when you connect to the host ([email protected]) for console access. Lish now prompts you if you want to retry to connect to the console, instead of just attempting to reattach so many times and then disconnecting. This also solves the problem for people who […]

Host Load Average

Nov 8, 2003 by Christopher Aker
The “Host Summary” widget on the LPM Overview page now displays the current “Host Load Average” updated every minute or so. The load is broken down into four groups: idle, low, medium, and high. If you split the bar into 10 ticks, each tick equals 1 loadavg. Thanks, and enjoy! -Chris

Disk Resizing Up and Down

Nov 8, 2003 by Christopher Aker
I just released a new feature for resizing disk images both larger and smaller. For resizing larger, the only change was that if you resize a disk image labeled as swap, it will delete and recreate the swap image. Previously it would resize the Image itself, but not re-make the swap within. For resizing smaller, […]

Free Upgrade to Linode 96, help test Host4

Nov 4, 2003 by Christopher Aker
I am looking for 10 to 15 brave souls, er, existing Linode 64 customers who are currently at ThePlanet that would be willing to migrate their Linodes to Host4. At the same time, you will be [b]upgraded to the Linode 96 plan for free[/b] — you will [b]continue to pay the Linode 64 prices[/b]. Host4 […]