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7 New Apps to Try on Linode Marketplace

7 New One-Click Apps to Try on Linode Marketplace

The latest one-click app additions to Linode Marketplace include tools perfect for beginner cloud users to easily set up image libraries or online courses and expands our options for more advanced self-hosted development and database tools.

Streamline Hosting Management with Free Control Panel aaPanel

Get control panel essentials in a free platform designed for simplicity and used on more than 3 million servers. aaPanel user benefits include weekly updates and an active community forum.

Self-Host Your Own Image Library with Chevereto

Easily upload, share, and show off your mages. Chevereto has a robust API to connect with external cloud storage, including Linode Object Storage. This could be a great alternative to services like Google Photos.

Simplify Backups Management with JetBackup

Customize and scale your server backups management with customizable notifications, concurrent account backups, and advanced schedule control to make sure your data is backed up at the most critical points. Make JetBackup your own with optional control panel integrations.

Upgrade Mail Server Security with MagicSpam

Stop inbound spam from entering your server right at the SMTP layer to lower bandwidth and overhead. MagicSpam works as a standalone tool or integrates with popular control panels.

Build Beautiful, Powerful, and Secure Online Courses with Moodle

Used by hundreds of thousands of educators and students worldwide, Moodle is the most popular and trusted open source learning management system. Expand options for online learning with robust lesson planning, progress checklists for students, and finely-tuned security access. Linode proudly supports educational institutions with better technology and hosts Moodle partners like Nephila Web.

Easily Share S3-compatible Files and Folders with NirvaShare

Securely collaborate with vendors, teams, customers and more. NirvaShare combines identity providers with S3-compatible storage API support (including Linode Object Storage) to make sure your files reach the right users.

Manage Your Database Lifecycle with ClusterControl
Provision, monitor, and manage highly available databases in minutes with dashboards, backups, notifications, reports, and automated recovery. ClusterControl supports nearly two dozen database versions including all the popular open source databases.

Updated! WooCommerce

We updated the deployment process for our WooCommerce Marketplace app to help users provide more configurations before you deploy so it’s even easier to get your online WordPress store up and running on Linode, including setting up a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Find the right one-click apps for your workload or discover a new hobby in the cloud.

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