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Kubernetes Simplified Blog Post
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Kubernetes Simplified: Managing Your Containers

If you find yourself with too many containers and need an tool for managing your containers, Kubernetes is a sensible solution.

Linode Two Year Anniversary and Status Update

Jun 16, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

Dear Members, Today, June 16th, 2005, is’s two year anniversary. This past year has been very successful – Linode subscriptions and the number of hosts online have doubled since this time last year. I hired Linode’s first employee. We’ve continued to improve the service that we offer. Here’s some insight into what we […]


Updated Debian Filesystem to Sarge

Jun 7, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

Updated the Debian Distribution to latest stable (Sarge). -Chris


Planet Linode – RSS Aggregator

May 7, 2005 | by Linode Security

In the spirit of the various Planet based RSS aggregators comes [url=]Planet Linode[/url]. For an example of some other Planet sites, check out [url=]Planet Debian[/url], [url=]Planet Gnome[/url], and [url=]Planet Ubuntu[/url]. Any Linode customer is welcome to have their blog added to the [url=]Planet Linode[/url] site. To have your blog listed, please open a Support Ticket […]


Filesystem Helpers

Apr 22, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

New feature in the LPM: Filesystem Helpers [b]What is it?[/b] Currently, the only helper that’s been implemented is “Disable updatedb”, which disables any cron jobs that run the updatedb command. This should help, if not eliminate, the high nightly load averages experienced on the hosts when a number of Linodes run updatedb at the same […]


Updated Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Filesystem

Mar 30, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

Brought Gentoo up to date, to 2005.0 profile. Please let me know if I missed anything. -Chris


HTTP-Retrievable Linode Stats (in XML)

Mar 16, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

By request of satyap, I’ve extended the [url=]bw-xml script [/url]to include more data. [code][linodeUsername][linodeUsername][/code] Since this is XML, the old /bw/ URL returns the identical data. The http request must come from one of the IPs of [linodeUsername]. There is no access control other than this. If that’s an issue, let me know. Example […]


CentOS 4.0 now available

Mar 14, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

CentOS 4.0 now available through the Distro Wizard. [img][/img] “udev” is installed, but won’t run on startup. To enable (if you know what you’re doing), grep for “udev” in /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and uncomment the line. It’s likely that this package can just be removed completely. I also disabled bdb in /etc/my.cnf, which is needed since it […]


Linode hires Michael Greb as Customer Service Engineer

Feb 26, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

I am delighted to announce that effective February 27th, [b]Michael Greb[/b] will join full time as a [b]Customer Service Engineer[/b]. Michael has more then ten years experience in computers, specifically Linux and supporting large client bases. Michael will share customer service responsibilities, as well as take on server administration and application development duties. […]


Ubuntu 4.10 now available

Jan 26, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

I’ve create an Ubuntu Linux disk image, available now through the Distro Wizard. [url=][img][/img][/url] [code]adduser alsa-base alsa-utils apt apt-utils aptitude at base-config base-files base-passwd bash bind9-host bsdmainutils bsdutils bzip2 console-common console-data console-tools coreutils cpio cramfsprogs cron dash debconf debconf-i18n debianutils dhcp3-client dhcp3-common diff discover1 discover1-data dmidecode dmsetup dnsutils dosfstools dpkg dselect e2fslibs e2fsprogs ed eject […]


Linode Wiki

Jan 3, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

Hello, I’ve had a few requests about a user-managed Wiki for Linode, so here it is: The Linode Wiki is still in its infancy right now, but I’m hoping with your contributions it will become a good resource for Linode users and possibly take the place of the dated FAQ off the Support page. […]


Happy New Year from

Jan 3, 2005 | by Christopher Aker

Thanks for your business this past year, and I hope you have a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Regards, -Chris