Point & Click High Availability.

So your website just went viral. Congrats! Now you have a new set of problems: How do you scale your application and services to meet your growing demand? How do you manage multiple Linodes all participating as a single system? How do you monitor the health of those Linodes, and take them in and out of rotation automatically? How do you coordinate deployment of new codebases without disrupting existing sessions?

Introducing NodeBalancers™

NodeBalancers are highly-available, managed, cloud based, "load balancers as a service". NodeBalancers can adapt to any workload, from a blog to a large application cluster and beyond. We are not just talking Web traffic either; if your Linode can serve it then NodeBalancers can handle it.

Your NodeBalancer will intelligently distribute workloads across backend Linodes, monitor their health, and take them in and out of rotation if necessary or if you instruct them to.

By distributing incoming traffic over one or more Linode backends, NodeBalancers allow great administrative flexibility. Perform upgrades without your customers knowing it. Easily add new backend Linodes to accommodate unexpected attention. Manage your NodeBalancer and Linodes through the API to dynamically scale capacity. The possibilities are endless.