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11 New Apps Available on Linode Marketplace


We recently added 11 new apps to the Linode Marketplace, including several apps created by new Marketplace partners. You’ll find tools to simplify managing resources for multi-cloud workloads, access remote desktops, speed up quality assurance testing for your development projects, and more.

Streamline Essential App Management with Cloudron

Deploy apps on one platform that simplifies self-hosting. Cloudron is a turnkey solution for running apps like WordPress, OpenVPN, and Rocket.Chat all within the same management UI.

Self-Host Community Forums with Discourse

Create online communities for friends, fans, and customers with free open source forum software. Discourse is mobile-friendly, has built-in spam protection, and supports fun features like emojis and badges to encourage engagement within an online community.

Get Enterprise Storage Syncing and Sharing with Filecloud

Enable your storage solution with effortless File synchronization across users’ computers and other devices to make file collaboration available anytime with FileCloud Community.

Host Your Own Git Repository with Gitea

Collaborate with a team and keep track of projects.The name says it all: Git with a cup of tea. Gitea is a lightweight solution for self-hosted Git with the essential features you need.

Access Your Desktops from Any Device with Apache Guacamole™

Host a desktop in the cloud to get remote access from any browser, any time.

Build Beautiful WordPress Websites with Kepler Builder

Simplify WordPress development with the simple Kepler Builder app, a drag-and-drop builder that makes building and updating a WordPress site easier than ever.

Simplify Multi-Cloud Management with Mist

Manage your infrastructure across public clouds, private clouds, hypervisors, containers and bare metal servers with Mist, an open source multicloud management platform. Simplify tasks including cost analysis and provisioning, and use the RESTful API to easily integrate Mist with your existing workloads.

Optimize WordPress Hosting with OpenLiteSpeed

Run a blazing-fast and open source alternative to LiteSpeed Web Server with OpenLiteSpeed on Linode.

Queue Messages with RabbitMQ

Deploy the most popular open source message broker to help reduce your applications workloads and delivery times and get more insight on server requests.

Launch a Portable Environment with VS Code Server

Speed up quality assurance and bug fixes with an environment that acts as a more flexible version of your local machine.

Consolidate Cloud App Management with Webuzo

Deploy and maintain LAMP web and system applications in one UI.

Become a Linode Marketplace Partner: Submit your app listing to the Linode Marketplace! For more information, visit the App Partners page.

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